Terrazia PC is an environmental and energy conservation consultancy that provides comprehensive high performance building design, construction and operations strategies to its clients as a means to conserve financial and natural resources and create healthy sustainable environments for all current and future stakeholders.

TERRAZIA High Performance Building Consultants



* Terrazia has joined Noesis as an Energy Advisor. Noesis has created a network of Energy Consultants to serve the needs of facilities beyond our Cloud-based Energy Management Tools.  Our Advisor Partners are carefully trained in all aspects of using the Noesis platform to complement their areas of specialty to maximize savings to your bottom line. Click the Noesis logo to visit their home page.

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Climate change, population growth & limited resources make it imperative that we improve our new & existing buildings, especially schools.

We are compelled to provide a sustainable future for our descendents and all of society by implementing a strategy of change for our built environment that creates buildings that save money, improve people’s lives and ensure a sustainable environment.

offers a full spectrum of high performance building consulting services in order to engage various client markets. We can make the greatest environmental impact by improving our older inefficient building stock. Therefore we primarily focus on assisting building stakeholders to improve existing facilities, especially schools, with efficient utilities and environmental conservation strategies. Focused services include: conduct performance audits with special emphasis on building envelope integrity (free audits awarded to selected schools) to implement most cost-effective conservation measures; install web based smart sub-metering at buildings, especially at multi-facility campuses, to monitor & control utilities usage; obtain LEED EB-O&M or other third party certification to help stakeholders improve their facilities’ performance, operations and maintenance.

Buildings Impact
Buildings impact on our national resources include 12% water use; 65% waste output; and 71% electricity consumption. Start saving now by boosting your existing or planned facilities performance and integrating truly effective environmental, social and economic practices into your daily operations and decision making. High-performing facilities provide an unprecedented opportunity to increase revenue and profitability, drive innovation, increase efficiency and attract and retain top talent. Turn good intention into profitable action by setting an example for others while leading your industry.

The Big Picture
Did you know that If everyone in the world lived like an average American, we would need five planets to support us... READ MORE>>>

Opportunity for Improvement
Sustainability is a powerful and defining idea: a sustainable or "Green" organization creates profit for its stakeholders while...  READ MORE>>>

Our Triple Bottom Line

Together we can implement a strategy of change for our built environment to... READ MORE>>

Green Schools
Terrazia fully supports the USGBC objective of providing green schools for every child within this generation. READ MORE>>

Above images are of projects in which Steve Sunderman, President of Terrazia, played key roles while with RRMM Architects in Roanoke, VA.

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