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Building Impact
As the environmental impact of buildings becomes more apparent, a new field called green building has arisen to reduce that impact at the source. Green, high performance, or sustainable building, is the practice of creating healthier and more resource-efficient models of construction, renovation, operation, maintenance, and demolition. High Performance buildings will have a positive impact on following:

Energy: Designing and operating buildings to use energy efficiently and where appropriate use renewable sources of energy, including solar, wind, and biomass.

Water: Designing and operating buildings to use and disperse water efficiently.
Materials: Using building materials that, in comparison to competing brands, have a reduced effect on the environment throughout their life cycle (e.g. recycled content, low toxicity, energy efficiency, biodegradability, and durability).
Waste: Reducing the waste from construction, remodeling, and demolition and diverting waste from landfills.
Indoor & Outdoor Environment: Designing and operating buildings that are healthy and much more comfortable for their occupants and general community.
Financial Resources: Creating facilities that are efficient and safe to build and operate which also encourage productive user behavior that attracts and retains highly talented people.

Facilities Operation and Maintenance
Whether managing a new building, a renovated building or an older existing building, its performance is greatly determined by how well it is operated and maintained. The most efficiently designed and constructed building in the world will not perform to its potential if the mechanical systems are not properly managed and operated, energy use is not-monitored or the lights and equipment are on when unnecessary. Terrazia can evaluate existing facilities conditions and operations to help identify and implement strategies that will improve your facilities overall performance and cost of operation.

Existing Building Renovations
When one considers that at least 95% of our annual total building stock consists of existing buildings and most of them were designed and built to much lower performance standards than today's new buildings, it is easy to see that we can have the greatest financial and environmental impact by improving our existing facilities. Renovating an existing building is typically a more sustainable approach than demolishing it and erecting a new building. As you evaluate or determine to renovate an existing building, engage Terrazia as a key member of your project team to insure that the project will best satisfy your performance objectives.

New Buildings
Any new building project should undoubtedly be designed, constructed and operated to the highest and most cost-effective performance standards possible in order to realize maximum benefit for all stakeholders. Terrazia can be a key player in creating the synergy necessary for an integrated planning, design and construction process that ensures a highly successful project. We can help identify issues that will inform the building design and operations such that it can be constructed economically and perform as intended throughout its life cycle.

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