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TERRAZIA PC  High Performance Building Architects

Client Markets

   Design Workshops
    Project Management 
    Project Planning/Budgeting
    Project Certification (LEED) 
    Conceptual Design 
    Energy Simulation
   Cost Feasibility Studies
   Building Commissioning
   Specification Development
    Air Leakage Testing
    Building Forensics
    Energy Audits
    Performance Analysis
    Case Studies Reports
    Design Assessment
    Drawing/Spec Review
    Speaking Presentations
    Sustainability Workshops
    Reports & Articles

    Public Safety
    Judicial Facilities
    Community Facilities
    Long Term Care
    Single Family
    Low Income


    Public Sector
     Private Sector
    Residential Sector
Design Professionals
    Energy Services Companies
    Building Scientists
Construction Industry
    Construction Managers
    General Contractors


Whether your organization is a non-profit or for-profit entity, Terrazia can help you identify and achieve the most appropriate and cost-effective high performance goals for your new and existing facilities. Contact us for a free initial consultation to see if our services will be a benefit to you and your organization.

Clients Served

Building Owners & Developers: Terrazia helps building owners and developers implement their personal ethics into their new or existing structures by advising them on appropriate performance objectives, conceptual designs, project costs, consultant/contractor qualifications, and third party performance verification such as LEED certification. We can make sure that your facilities operate and perform as you intended.

Architects, Engineers, Contractors and Construction Managers
: Terrazia helps design professionals deliver cost-effective, energy efficient and environmentally appropriate solutions that satisfy their clients’ performance objectives. We can be an integral and supplementary element of your team that brings synergy to the integrated design and construction process. A major part of our business focuses on educational seminars, such as sustainable paving and building construction.

Building Product Suppliers
: Terrazia assists suppliers with product sustainability evaluation, project integration and educating their customers about building products that most effectively satisfy project objectives. We can help you integrate your products into high performance building projects.

Energy Savings Companies (ESCOs): Terrazia teams with ESCOs to evaluate the existing architectural building systems, especially the building envelope, and recommends the most effective short and long term building improvements as a means to implement truly comprehensive energy conservation measures. We can help you identify building improvements that will reduce energy demand such that new systems installation and operating costs can be minimized.

Environmental Consultants: Terrazia teams with other consultants as appropriate to provide all related services as may be desired by our clients. Terrazia may act as prime consultant or as a sub-consultant to others based on market demand.

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