"We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors.
We borrow it from our children".

Native American Proverb

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The Big Picture
Did you know that If everyone in the world lived like an average American, we would need five planets to support us? Americans constitute 5% of the world's population but consume 24% of the world's energy. Likewise the average European consumption equates to three planets of resources. Our natural resources are finite and there is little question that the cost for our traditional energy resources will rise sharply as the world's population and demand for resources continue to grow. Are you and your organization effectively conserving natural and financial resources today to help us realize a sustainable future? Terrazia embraces and promotes the One Planet Goals as illustrated here.


Opportunity for Improvement
Sustainability is a powerful and defining idea: a sustainable or "Green" organization creates profit for its stakeholders while protecting the environment and improving the lives of those with whom it interacts. There are many options for improving performance - with more emerging every day. We will help you slice through the confusion and potential "green-washing" by others to understand, embrace and implement high-performance building solutions as a powerful immediate and long-term business opportunity.


Our Triple Bottom Line
Together we can implement a strategy of change for our built environment to positively impact people, our planet and your profits. Let's make it happen! Contact us today to set up a complimentary consultation. 


Green Schools

Terrazia fully supports the USGBC objective of providing green schools for every child within this generation.

Our goal is to help provide green schools for all children by 2030 and thereby influence all building stakeholders, especially the children, to be environmental stewards. We work with all VA USGBC chapters, VSBA & VASS to implement annual Green Schools Challenges (GSCs) that help schools implement no and low cost green strategies. This action will also be a catalyst for administrative policy change. Objectives include:
(1) forming green schools for all 14 SWVA public school
(2) forming green schools at all 9 VA public school
(3) with
The Center for Green Schools and others influence green schools and stewardship globally by our success in Virginia.

Many VA schools already participate in the GSCs & together we will expand the programs statewide (
map). We team with Roanoke Cement Company energy auditors to provide free energy audits for winners of the 2012 SWVA Green Schools Challenge. Free audits & other contributions (250 hrs annually) will influence pursuing LEED EB-O&M. Success will be measured by numbers of GSCs participants, school boards adopting green policies & LEED EB pursuits.

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