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    Building Commissioning
    Specification Development
    Air Leakage Testing
    Building Forensics
    Energy Audits
    Performance Analysis
   Case Studies Reports
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    Drawing/Spec Review
    Speaking Presentations
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About Our Services
Terrazia offers its services to building owners, developers, architects, engineers, contractors, construction managers, building product suppliers, energy performance contractors, and environmental consultants to create truly efficient, healthy and effective new and existing educational, commercial, governmental, medical, industrial and residential facilities.

High performance buildings don't just happen. They result from a process that proactively considers issues in a timely way, beginning during the earliest stages of project planning and rigorously applied during each stage of development.

Services Listing

High Performance Team Procurement & Management:
Providing all desired consulting services under a single source contract and managing consultant team activities to achieve clients’ high performance project objectives.

Sustainability Master Planning:
Developing master site plans and sustainability guidelines for site developments as well as individual and groups of buildings.

Owner Project Team Adviser:
Assisting building owners/developers in the soliciting, evaluating, contracting and coordinating their design and building team to achieve truly high performance projects.
Project Administration for Third Party Certification
Leading or coaching the project teams for LEED, Energy Star or other green building rating systems through the entire process of defining performance objectives, design, coordination, registration, material selection, execution, documentation and certification.

High Performance Building Design:
Creating or advising design solutions for high performance buildings that not only conserve energy but perhaps also generate energy, save water, preserve our natural resources and at the same time are cost effective to construct and profitable to operate and maintain.
Energy Simulation and Analysis
Full building energy modeling including orientation studies, fenestration analysis, wall and roof assembly optimization, HVAC, electrical and day lighting analysis as per requirements of green building rating systems and codes.
Building Commissioning:
Fundamental, enhanced and retro commissioning pursuant to LEED requirements from planning and design stages up to completion including design and construction reviews, functional testing and pre and post occupancy monitoring. Service may include building envelope integrity issues as well.
Performance Auditing & Feasibility Studies:
Analyzing existing buildings and sites to ascertain conformance to high performance standards and recommending solutions and designs that satisfy client’s objectives.

Design Charrettes and Workshops:
Developing and prioritizing project’s high performance goals, and facilitating design workshops and charrettes for building owners and design team members.
Sustainable Design Assessment and Drawing Review:
Project review at any stage for sustainable design opportunities and areas of concern. Recommendations and design guidance based on project goals and constraints.
High Performance Specification Development and Review:
Developing high performance product and system specifications and standards, including LEED requirements and establishing desired supply chains.

Education and Training:
Educating design and building professionals, government and code officials, students and other groups on high performance building strategies and practices.

Preparation of Project Case Studies: Documentation of project statistics in online or print format for inclusion in sustainable building directories and databases. 

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